Top Furniture Sale - Year Round Lowest Sale Prices

Top Furniture offers year round low prices rather than offering inflated prices for much of the year and then slashing prices by 50% or more to make the sale prices look like the sale of the century.  Here at Top Furniture we highly recommend that customers look twice when they see a 50% off headline on a website as is many cases this is too good to be true and the full priced items are highly inflated to make items look like a bargain.  Don't be sucked in!  We could easily play this same game but we dont like to mislead people and would rather build a longer term brand with some credibility and honesty.  We also believe that the average consumer can see through these 50% headlines and can calculate for themselves what a real bargain is.  Please try and visit our Staffordshire or Kent furniture showrooms to view the quality of what we sell as we are confident that we offer better quality than at least 90% of our competition.  If you are still unsure about us then do a Google search for 'Top Furniture reviews' and see what the average customer thinks of us (un edited unlike many others!)

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ALL SALES ARE NOT THE SAME AND HERE'S WHY - We have noticed that lots of our competitors claim to be offering 50% off sales all year round yet they are no cheaper than our standard all year round low prices.  These sales often claim to be ending within a few days yet the following week suprise suprise the sale is still running again.  Please dont be fooled by all this.  These companies would never get away with selling at the high prices that they claim to have reduced by 50% or more as they wouldn't sell the volumes that they need.  At best these high prices are offered for just  a few days a year.  When comparing furniture online please dont be fooled by huge discount prices and just compare the final price of the item you are looking for along with the quality.  If we were to offer a 50% off sale we would lose money and be out of business as our prices are low all year round but we dont claim to be running a sale all the time like many others.

Feel free to call 01889 560999 to order over the telephone if preferred.