Top Furniture Ltd Reviews.  Nervous about buying online?  Read what recent customers are saying.

View some of our latest unbiased furniture reviews from,, Review Centre on the side menu.  We even have Facebook Reviews for you to help see how we are doing. If you are searching around for a table and chairs set we understand that you have a huge choice online and we highly recommend that you do a search for the company that you are considering buying from on websites such as and Review Centre and now Facebook.  Some of our competitors hide their Facebook reviews from appearing..  Have a guess why?  Most of these will appear on page one of Google if you type in the retailers name followed by the word reviews.  If they dont have review pages they are either very new, small or have something to hide.  If you type in "top furniture reviews" this will show you what the average customer thinks of us for example.  These review websites show the true feelings of customers as the retailers shown on these review websites have no way of removing negative comments and bad feedback unlike one of the main review websites called Trustpilot.  Retailers that register an account with Trust pilot have the ability to remove bad feedback at the click of a button which we feel is very unfair which is why we urge extreme caution when making a buying decision after only taking a look at a retailers reviews on Trustpilot.  The removed reviews are easy to see if you have a click around.  If you dig a little deeper on some of the other review websites you may unearth the true feeling of past customers which is why we suggest that potential customers always take a look at as many review websites as possible.  

Update - 28th April 2016.  We are now displaying product reviews across our website.  This is a new service we are using so it will take time for some products to build reviews so please dont be put off by some products not displaying any reviews yet and if you click around on some similar products you should hopefully find some recent customer feedback and these reviews are now growing on a daily basis from recent customers.  Most of the reviews visible on this page are more general business reviews about how we do for things like delivery and customer service etc.  For product specific reviews please take a look on the product page for the items you are interested in.

Here at Top Furniture we have nothing to hide unlike many of the other 'oak furniture xxxx' type retailers offering round the clock 50% off discount's that sound a little too good to be true!  We will let you make up your own mind.  Please take a few moments to read some of our more recent business and product reviews below.