About Top Furniture Ltd - The History of Top Furniture

The Top Furniture business model is built around innovative designs and great quality at a price far cheaper than you would find on the high street or on other furniture websites.

The majority of the designs sold by Top Furniture are designed in house and manufactured by some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the world.  Innovative furniture designs are a big factor in Top Furniture's recent growth and you won't find most of our products on other websites or on the high street.

You won't find any low grade products on our website as quality is very important to us.  We want to make sure that each item of furniture will stand the test of time and look great in years to come.   By sourcing and importing furniture direct from manufacturers we can buy products at similar prices to the big national furniture retailers but without all the huge marketing and business costs of a large multinational brand.  This allows us to spend a few % more to improve the quality of the dining room furniture so that the end result is an outstanding piece of furniture but at a price tag that our customer will love.

"Top Furniture are an
oak table and chair specialist retailer"

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You get what you pay for in furniture like most other things in life and if a similar looking item is a few % cheaper than us then its probably because its different in some way.  For example if someone else is selling an oak table on a website that looks similar to a Top Furniture design but is maybe 5% or 10% cheaper there is usually a reason.  Always compare the dimensions carefully.  How wide is the table?  How thick is the table top?  What is the finish like on the table?  If its a dining chair that you are comparing always check the height of the chair and check the thickness of the wooden legs or even the weight of the chair to get a feel for any differences.  In an ideal world we recommend that you visit one of our showrooms in Dartford, Kent or Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and also visit some of our competitors showrooms to compare the quality for yourself.  We have nothing to hide and actively encourage people to come and see what we sell.

Top Furniture Ltd was formed by senior management with a lifetime of experience in the furniture industry with the ambition to supply a top quality service and product to high street retailers at a very competitive price. We now sell the majority of the furniture that we offer online via the internet and we are fast becoming the UK's leading online retailer for top quality oak tables and chairs.

We import furniture from several countries around the globe to enable us to source and supply a good choice of furniture products that we feel will sell well in the competitive UK high street and online environment. We are continually sourcing new products to keep ahead of the latest trends and to try and improve our pricing.

The directors are actively looking for new ranges to add to our offering that can offer something different in the constantly changing and competitive retail environment.

We have primarily focused the business on the oak dining furniture sector over the past few years after sourcing some very high quality designs at very good prices from key suppliers.  Feedback from customers has been excellent so we adoped the 'If it aint broke don't fix it mentality'.