Dining Tables & Chairs

Dining Sets

We stock an almost endless choice of wooden dining set combinations with hundreds of different oak table and chair designs to choose from from 2 - 4 seaters up to much larger 10 ,12 or 14 seater sets.  Mix and match any combination of designs to suit your room size and taste.  View the quality for yourself in our Kent & Staffordshire showrooms.

There are many thousands of different dining set combinations that we can offer when you consider all the different combinations of the extending oak tables and chairs that are displayed on our website.  Many customers find that they are spoilt for choice when deciding on which combination to go for and we only display a limited number of combinations online at this stage.  If you would like to see a photo of a specific oak table and chair combination that is not displayed on our site then please send us an email and we will try our best to get some quick photos taken for you in one of our showrooms so that you can get a better idea for how the finished set will look.

We stock plenty of modern contemporary designs of chairs such as the Lichfield but also many traditional farmhouse type designs from the Country Oak range which have more of a country cottage type look about them.  

Choose from a more contemporary look using our European oak ranges such as Provence or Tallinn which are a much cleaner oak with no knots and a very subtle oak grain or maybe you would prefer a more traditional rustic oak look from our popular Country Oak range where you get to see a deeper grain pattern with a few smaller knots being visible.  Very popular chairs design include our solid oak chair designs or full leather chair designs.  You always get the best possible price when ordering a set so there are good savings to be made.  We offer the choice of extending or fixed table dining sets to cater for different options.