Dining Chairs made from oak and leather

Dining Chairs

We stock only the finest oak and leather dining chairs in the UK.  We design and import most of our own designs of chair to offer the best possible internet prices for our customers.

We realise that the process of buying a set of dining chairs to furnish your dining room or kitchen can be a bit daunting at times. There can be many different wood types, colours, heights, designs and prices to choose from.  It makes sense to start off asking yourself if you want your chairs to be full leather or with leather pads and solid oak frames.  If so then decide on the colour to help narrow down the number of designs that meet your requirements.  We work on much smaller margins than many of our competitors that might have expensive TV and marketing budgets and sky high prime retail rents to pay so we are confident that we can offer a genuine price match service for all of the oak and leather chairs that we sell.  

Our business model is very different which means we don't have these huge costs to pay each month which allows us to sell our ranges of dining chairs for lower prices.  All of the oak chair designs that are on our website are sourced direct from the manufacturer in containers that hold 300 - 400 at a time.  The buying power that we have in these volumes is significant which is why we now offer a no quibble price match policy for our furniture.

If you end up with a short list of retailers that are of interest why not order from us and open one of the boxes when the driver delivers them.  If you dont like them you are welcome to send them back with no cost to your self.  Please just mention this request in the comments box when ordering online or to one of our sales staff when ordering via telephone.

A big priority when buying a combination of solid oak table and chair set is to make sure that they match well so please ask if you need any advice on this.